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Build YOUR Life Operating System (BYLOS)

BYLOS is the instantiation of my Life Operating System (FAKRA) using It is a work-in-progress describing FAKRA and discussing the concepts, the tool Obsidian and provides an example of the pairing. As this is a work in progress, I find that I am adding/changing things sometimes before I capture them here. It makes for a slippery slope but should provide some insight to others (and keep me focused).

Latest Blog Posts


I realized that keywords are an important way to connect ideas, applying 'random' words at the moment of note creation. However, there is no good way of tracking/reviewing them if they are created as a dataview annotation. My trial solution is to have a tag #kw/"keyword" so there is a place in the tags pane where I can see all of my keywords. I can also use dataview to report on them. I've modified my templates and will find out if this pans out.


Moving from Folders to MOCs

I believe I may be starting to understand the advantage of using MOCs and dataview rather than folders and indexes. I can use tags to easily categorize a note and add direct links to the MOC. I am creating tags for interest/area and sphere/area and adding the MOCs to my Atlas.


To Dos

My to-do list is always too long, I want to do everything, the list would be longer if i had an easy way of adding to it. I can't really address it now. HELP !

What I am planning on doing is to:

  • create a QuickAdd to capture to-dos
  • use a tag so I can extract all the to-dos with Dataview
  • create Dataviews to be able to review my to-dos and maybe make some sense out of them so I can get some off the list

I'll let you know how it goes.


Recent Hiatus

Due to mostly questionable internet connections and burnout in general, my vacation became an extended no-computer exercise. Other than hosting a couple of Zoom sessions I was on the hook for and updating my daily health statistics, no recreational computer use. It was refreshing but not productive. Here we go again.


Latest Musing

Why am I even doing this website

I was introduced to the contemporary thinkers in the areas of productivity, knowledge management and principled living after I started trying to implement P.A.R.A. using Evernote during the summer of 2021 and switched to during the fall of 2021 as an Evernote replacement. I have some history with these topics, so P.A.R.A. resonated with me for information storage and retrieval. It did not address task/todo management or Knowledge Synthesis so I struggled for a few months until the Building a Second Brain Summit in March 2022. August Bradley and Nick Milo started my recognition that could actually provide bridges between these critical areas.

As I started on this phase of my journey and realized that much of what I was doing was in flux (but gelling if not setting yet)., I wanted to capture the process of development (for me) and provide an example of customizing these ideas (for you).

It is ok to try things that end up not being in the final cut and to even share the efforts in public

I plan on explaining what I'm doing or have done, some of what I'm thinking and the inspiration for my thinking.

Please reach out to me with comments and ideas at I will be setting up a discussion forum somewhere and will provide a link when it is available.