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Build YOUR Life Operating System (BYLOS)

BYLOS is the instantiation of my Life Operating System (FAKRA) using This site describes FAKRA and discusses the concepts, the tool Obsidian and provides an example of the pairing.

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The more of your life that you can habitualize, the less you need to remember. To make something a habit it must be performed repeatedly on an associated trigger-able basis (time, associated activity, etc.) x-number of times ( The most recent research I found, How are habits formed: Modelling habit formation in the real world), indicates a median time of 66 repetitions but a range of 18-254 ). Activities that are periodic but not frequent will obviously take some time and our ability to consistently perform activities are enhanced by reminders. Therefore I've added some Periodic reminders to support building good LifeOS habits. These periodic reminders, strangely enough, pop up periodically on my task list, eventually becoming more annoying than helpful, at which point I remove them, having either habitualized them or realized that they are a waste of time.

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Why am I even doing this website

I was introduced to the contemporary thinkers in the areas of productivity, knowledge management and principled living after I started trying to implement P.A.R.A. using Evernote during the summer of 2021 and switched to during the fall of 2021 as an Evernote replacement. I have some history with these topics, so P.A.R.A. resonated with me for information storage and retrieval. It did not address task/todo management or knowledge synthesis so I struggled for a few months until the Building a Second Brain Summit in March 2022. August Bradley and Nick Milo started my recognition that could actually provide bridges between these critical areas.

As I started on this phase of my journey and realized that much of what I was doing was in flux (but gelling if not setting yet)., I wanted to capture the process of development (for me) and provide an example of customizing these ideas (for you).

It is ok to try things that end up not being in the final cut and to even share the efforts in public

I plan on explaining what I'm doing or have done, some of what I'm thinking and the inspiration for my thinking.

Please reach out to me with comments and ideas at I will be setting up a discussion forum somewhere and will provide a link when it is available.