I started out with Obsidian using the Daily Notes plug-in and opening a Daily Note everyday. This worked out well as I was tracking blood pressure readings on a daily basis so I added a field to my daily-note template (see below). That’s an advantage of using templates; they can be adjusted as you change your focus.

Recently, I added the Calendar plug-in and started using this layout (also stored as a Workspace, so I can easily get back to it): I’m no longer automatically creating a daily file (I’m not really a ‘daily journal’ type -yet) which cuts down on storage. There is a slight trade-off in needing to think about creating an entry by clicking on the calendar vs. having a file with no useful information in it (which really annoyed me - so this is better). For workspace layouts, your mileage may vary and I’m sure mine will change over time, so I will provide updates as my needs and understanding changes.