I find myself going old school today. I received a Magazine (yup, a paper magazine) Renewal reminder in the snail mail today. Searched around to see when my current subscription expired (next March) but determined that the buy one send one as a gift was too good to pass up. I checked the on-line renew but it didn’t offer the buy one/get one, so I filled out the (paper) form, separated at the perforations, placed it in the supplied envelope, found a stamp and took it to the mailbox. (Trust me, this is going somewhere.)

Got back to my desk and now have to file the renewal notice so I can find it next year to remember when my subscription expires when they start sending me renewal notices months ahead of time. I go to my file cabinet and pull my ‘Subscriptions’ folder and say “WHAT???“. (so this is where we’re going).

I may want to keep a pile of dead trees for legal reference, but I sure do NOT want to have to search through that pile to find a date. What to do?

I added a “File Cabinet” folder into my Repository:

I created a ‘card’ for my magazine using this template: Set up a “File Cabinet” page with a dataview table to list my “Folders”. and created a “Subscriptions” folder page to list the items in the folder: I added a link to the “File Cabinet” to my Home Page: Of course, this took somewhat longer than I would have liked, but it should be time saved over time.

Additional thought: I could have added this to my “Library”, but Nick Milo envisions that as being part of the PKM system rather than the Life or Projects system. I don’t see any reason to muddy the ‘creative’ space with the mundane although since it is in namespace I can still link into it if it makes sense. In my repository I have a folder for manuals and instruction sheets for the various gadgets and appliances I own. I will add them to my file cabinet also since that is where I keep the hard copies.