I started out carrying a display of my manually set daily to-do list in my Daily Note:

I then moved on to queries to lower the effort: 2022-06-18_A Stepping Stone to Survivable Productivity

This was useful but still cumbersome. It also cluttered the historical Daily Notes or I had housecleaning each day both removing the query and moving any manual entries. In addition, I had a “Do-today” query to display my high priority tasks in right pane, but it was a task query so I couldn’t (at least conceptually) write to it. The old query:

I’ve updated this layout for my Daily Note and updated my “DO-Today” note for the right pane:

Which allows me to keep my Daily To Dos in front of me while not burdening my Daily Note either with a list that hid es the ‘notes’ part or the need to update and transfer the to-do list. I modified my “Do-today” query page to:

This DO-Today Note has separate blocks, starting with an “Add-on High” list which allows me to ‘jot down’ a quick to-do, right in the right pane that is persistent across days. It is followed by a dataview List, triggering on a tag with similar blocks for anything else I want to show in the right pane (I also use daily/medium and daily/low - although I’ve never made it to a daily/low item).

When I finish items, they go into my “Log” so my Daily Note still keeps track of what I’ve accomplished. As the tasks are actually Tasks, they have start and end dates and live in the infrastructure I’m developing to manage tasks (with Goals and Projects) so I don’t lose their history.

The one speed bump is that you have to remove the tag from the file to get the item off the task query.

While my list is still too long, at the end of the day I don’t feel like I’ve lost anything and I know I can get back to what I was working on.