Rounding out the “Activities” with To Dos may be the final step in capturing my responsibilities so they are not lost and can be prioritized. I captured this idea back on Nov-18, so I’ve had a month to think about it. I published a description of my TO DOs on 2023-12-04_To Dos (some more) and starting to sort out priorities. With a month of their use, I can say that I now have an easy way to quickly capture the little things that need to be done so they are not all “what was that thing I realized I need to fix this morning” (but of course have now forgotten). They are captured in a way they can be ranked beside tasks and efforts. I also have no problem converter a To Do into an Effort or Task, which means even if it starts as a simple capture, I can formalize it into planned deliverables if needed. One less thing to beat myself up over (no worries, there are more).