My slow walk of data/notes, etc from FAKRA to VACAR is providing a chance for me to prune and clear my headspace (see what I did there).

My original move from evernote to obsidian was a data dump and it was literally a trash pile. I didn’t have any good way of making sense of all the saved notes since it was literally a collection of anything:

  • things that looked like it might be interesting but I didn’t have time to assess
  • ideas I had a decade ago but never followed up on
  • things that needed to be done NOW I had a (large) number of un-categorized, un-linked folders that I didn’t have time to deal with that weighed on my ability to declare myself organized.

I have reached a compromise. I started by zipping up a copy of FAKRA (I own AND physically have the data so I can - thank you Obsidian). I created a VACAR instance based on the Ideaverse and moved my primary FAKRA mechanisms to it - Calendar, templates, “Today’s Plan” view, MOCs, my dashboad & homepage. I’m now moving information/notes as needed, while creating supportive techniques, habits and views.

I often have both VACAR and FAKRA open to move existing assets from FAKRA to VACAR. I’m also doing a once-a-week session to burn down the FAKRA data. I am literally moving the files from FAKRA to VACAR so at some point FAKRA should be an empty shell except for real detritus.