Another example of How Quickly Things Change. I started using “Six Most” on my DailyNotes Planning section as a way to have one place to look to see what I should be working on November 12, 2023. It was a manual bullet list containing anything I wanted to do but primarily populated with items from my consolidated task list. I realized by November 27, 2023 that adding anything I wanted circumvented any sort of organized plan. I added a checkbox Property “six most” which I add to any Activity that I choose to be working on and have a Dataview table sorted by Rank (importance * urgency) showing the top 6. I display this in my Daily and Weekly Notes to actually keep focus. This also means that I have to be mindful of actually adding the “six most” property.

dataview block:

TABLE importance * urgency AS “Rank” FROM “Activities” WHERE six-most SORT importance * urgency desc LIMIT 6