It has been too long but I felt that my process was changing too frequently and too much to keep up. Re-reading, I find I was wrong. The overall philosophy/strategy that I captured seems to have held up, even though there have been tactical changes. I had expect that I would need to ‘archive’ the original site, with reference links into it but that seems less needed now.

Update: I was going to post this on 2023-08-17 but again got side-tracked. Now on 2023-08-31, “Properties” was released for Obsidian which is another tactical change to assess. What I am about to do is revamp the site to more easily navigate: 1. What I am actually doing 2. The history/thought process of getting to “what I am actually doing” 3. Point out major influences and what I have learned from them and where/why I decided to deviate

I will make a reasonable effort to indicate changes and link to previous site entries for reference, but will err on the side of usefulness rather than history.

The update to obsidian-html broke some things so if you find flaky site behavior or missing links, please let me know (