I have been using FAKRA daily as the primary mechanism for note taking/making, planning, tracking, journaling, site management, well … everything. I have a habit of picking up ideas on-the-fly and trying them in my system so I do have a reasonable number of obe’d tactics (and a minor justification for spotty updates). Wanting to do some house cleaning and Nick Milo’s release of the Ideaverse has brought me to the point that I have to re-assess my system. I have been impressed by Nick Milo’s thought process and integration of ideas floating in the PKM/Creatives community. I also have a few issues with his solution (but realistically, they are likely my issues rather than his), you can be the judge. This means that there is a fair amount of churn in my toolset. I will be offering my thinking on this as I migrate from FAKRA (Focus-Activities-Knowledge-Repository-Archive) to VACAR (Values-Atlas-Calendar-Activities-Repository).