Another gap in posting, a ton of changes in what I’m doing. I’ve continued to try to lasso the long list of “things to do” and tasks and took a look at QuickAdd and MetaEdit developed by Christian Houmann’which he uses as a base for managing his projects . This jogged me into thinking more about where projects come from, the difference between to-dos and tasks, spheres of responsibility and interests. Along with this I’ve been thinking about the relationship between data, information and knowledge. The result is a change to my primary organization providing:

Focus Areas: the base for principled living Activities: organize the things we do to support our Focus areas Knowlege Garden: where we nurture and mature our processed information Repositories: where data and information is stored Archives: a cul-de-sac for completed projects and processed information

With some FAKRA support: Atlas, Calendar, Inbox some support: Bins and some house cleaning support: HARD DELETE