(in response to a naming poll in the LYT community)

I’m a DIKW guy: the Data- Information-Knowledge-Wisdom progression. I picture D&I as ‘static’ and K&W as ‘dynamic’. All of it can be Linked. Data is linked and evaluated to become Information (data in a context). Knowledge is knowing that Information exists, which can be applied and some concept of when. Wisdom is having broad knowledge and insight to the 2nd, 3rd, etc. effects of applying knowledge at specific times and the EQ to select among them.

Thinking is an activity that moves us from data to wisdom (at least knowledge, as I don’t think I’ve made it to wisdom anywhere, but I am extrapolating the process). Since we are applying linking/connecting to move up the DIKW hierarchy, I can easily apply the term ‘Linking’ with thinking or secondly ‘Connected’. Much like linking and connected, “Relational” is pretty obvious but not specifically associated with the tools. After working through this explanation and a bit of added thought, I will probably start using “Kinetic Thinking”. It means what I want to say: motive, lively, impelling, sparky, operative and isn’t a typically used phrase.