I was reviewing my path in getting to and using Obsidian:

  • implementing PARA in Evernote (2020-06)
  • migrating my data from Evernote to Obsidian(2021-05)
  • migrating my data to a PARA (Projects, Areas, Resources, Archives) organization (2021-10)
  • recognizing that PARA addressed organizing activities and associated data/information but did not help focus those activities in directions important to me leading to my introducing ‘focus’. (2022-03), leading to:
  • FASIVA (Focus Area, Activities <Projects, Tasks>, Spheres, Interests, Vaults, Archive) (2022-03)
  • FAVA (Focus Area, Activities <Projects, Tasks>, Vaults, Archive) (2022-04), when I recognized that Spheres and Interests were only additional ways of generating tasks (now Projects, Efforts or To Dos).
  • FAKRA (Focus Areas, Activities <Projects, Tasks>, Knowledge_f, Respository, Archive) (2023-03-31) because PKM and Vaults are just data Repositories.
  • VACAR (Values, Atlas, Calendar, Activities <Projects, Efforts, ToDos>, Repository) (2023-11-15) because Values says what I mean and I couldn’t decide what to do with knowledge (yeah, I know it sounds wrong).

You’ll notice that I have that acronym/initialism disease common to engineers, pkm’ers, productivity gurus.