For the last week or two I’ve been working primarily in the area of Projects and managing my to-do list. With my extended history there are many methods and mechanisms I have tried and usually there are more than one of them in place at a time. This is crazy. I never know which list I should put something on, which list I did put something on, if I already put it on a different list or where (paper, electronic) the list is. Just between Evernote, Keep, Calendar and Project it was pandemonium.

I’m now migrating my tasks and to-dos into tasks associated with Kanban boards and their associated projects. The process is a bit manual at the moment but I ‘m hopeful that it’s only because I’m migrating data.

For daily living In my Daily Note I’ve added Dataviews to extract items I’ve tagged with daily/high, daily/big, daily/medium, daily/small and blog/develop using this template:

FROM #daily/high 

This replaces the manual entries which I needed to copy over day-to-day. As part of my evening reflection, I just delete the section for Today’s Plan which has the added advantage of erasing the history of over-expecting and under-performing so I don’t have to be “confronted with my failures (I’ve not forgotten them)“. To help incentivize (or not totally lose track of) my “successes”, I add the items I completed to my daily Log.

I added a section called “Add-ons” after Blog in “Today’s Plan” where I can enter tasks/to-dos, with checkboxes, that come up over the day. The evening reflection task here is to capture these new tasks/to-dos to an appropriate Project .

I’ve been using my Daily Note as my go-to place to see what I have to do for a few days now and I feel less chaos (at least from my own to do list). My daily To-Do/Task list is still far too long for reality, but it’s a lot less intimidating than it was last week. I’m still not comfortable that I have a way to re-surface my next level of tasks, but I’m beginning to think it will work out as I’m using other dashboards to organize my work (I’ll have to save that for another post).

Another simple thing I caught today wad my “Do Today” list I’d hung in the right sidebar was different than my more reasonable plan that I’d developed to show in my daily note so I updated that search. More consistency - better.