It has been a full couple of weeks in my development of BYLOS.
Nick Milo released the LYT 6 Kit, I’ve been digging into his concepts for ENCODED & ACCESS, Have I mentionied that I think he’s got some valuable ideas and insights? I’ve also been looking for a good mechanism in Obsidian to address the task management part of Productivity and am working with Christian Houmann’s Obsidian plugins, QuickAdd and MetaEdit described here. I stumbled on Andy Matuschak and “Working with the garage door up”through these notes in Obsidian Publish. And I’m now publishing this site directly from Obsidian (as of 2022-06-01).

I’ve decided to put an on-going in-process example of my Obsidian Vault on GitLab and start a forum to allow for feedback (as the static site doesn’t seem to offer that, or I haven’t found it yet) - as soon as I figure out the details.

Who knows, I could be approaching my Waterloo (I know you are thinking it) or an Apollo 11 moment. Perhaps you can help me determine which it will be.